At Love Home Living we offer a large range of mattresses, from pocket sprung and memory through to 100% natural and zip and link. All of the mattresses that we offer are fully customisable (size, firmness, shape, etc). We are able to accommodate all preferences and budgets. If you’re unsure as to which type of mattress works for you, or you are looking for a custom size mattress, please have a look at the information below and feel free to get in touch with any questions or requests as we would love to hear from you.

Pocket Spring Mattresses

Providing high levels of comfort and quality through their deep layers of upholstery, pocket sprung mattresses are more luxurious than open coil sprung mattresses, with our mattresses providing up to 5,000 plus individual small springs housed in separate fabric pockets. These springs move independently, supporting your body and guaranteeing a good night’s sleep even if you share your bed with a restless partner.
We also offer a 100% natural range of mattresses. These combine different natural fibres to provide extra luxury to the mattress (e.g. cashmere and silk), combined with other natural fibres such as cotton which provides a soft, cool feel due to its ability to breath and absorb moisture and wool which is breathable and offers a luxury feel.

Memory Mattresses

Offering a different “feel” to pocket sprung mattresses, our range quickly moulds to your form and, unlike some others, quickly recovers and adjusts to your new position when you move.

Pocket Memory Mattress

Pocket memory mattresses are a hybrid with a pocket sprung base and a memory foam top layer. They are a compromise between the receptiveness of a pocket sprung mattress and the support of memory foam mattress. The patented, heat treated pocket springs and combinations of resilient upholstery ensure these models stand the test of time.
Being no turn, both our sprung memory foam and pocket memory mattresses are ideal for today’s hectic lifestyles or if you are unable to turn a mattress.

Custom Size Mattresses

Most of our mattresses, divans, ottomans and headboards are customisable (dimensions, shape, colour, tension, thickness, etc). We also offer zip and link on all our larger size mattresses, giving the option to separate a large bed into two single beds when needed, or the option to create one mattress with two different tensions, which is of particular benefit when one partner prefers a medium tension and the other partner prefers a firm tension in their mattress.

Please do get in touch via our contact page, email or telephone with any questions or enquiries, we would love to hear from you.

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